Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

Coming from a Mac, I am a big user of virtual desktops but the Windows 10 version of virtual desktops seems less mature. There are keyboard shortcuts in MacOS to move from one virtual desktop to another, and I felt that had to be ones for Windows, but I have been unable to find them until today. A Google search today showed me all of the same pages as before but also It showed these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Win + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop.
  • Win + Ctrl + F4: Close the current virtual desktop.
  • Win + Ctrl + Right: Switch to next virtual desktop.
  • Win + Ctrl + Left: Switch to previous virtual desktop.
  • Win + Tab: Open the Task View.

The page also discuses third party applications to extend the functionality of the virtual desktops. I will be looking into them also.