My Photographic Weekend

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, so I thought I could get some extra shooting in. On Friday evening I went to Baker Park and wandered around downtown Frederick as the sun was setting. As I was heading back to my car, I saw that the sun was setting in a spectacular way. I shot the bell tower in Baker Park with my Nikon D7100 with the 35 mm DX f1.8 prime lens.  I have been using my primes more often lately for more bokeh and sharpness. This is the last photo that I took Friday night. 

Baker Park Sunset. 

It is a 3 exposure HDR merged in Lightroom and then processed in Lightroom. I think it is one of the best photos that I have ever taken.

On Saturday night we again had a very vivid sunset and I hurried home from dinner hoping to catch the sunset near Prospect Hall, a nearby mansion that is being refurbished for other uses. The sunset had moved on by the time I got set up, but I took some photos anyway. I do not have much experience with shooting at the blue hour, so I thought I could get some experience. 

 Prospect Hall 

Prospect Hall 

I also took this photo with my Nikon D7100 with the 35 mm DX f1.8 prime lens. This time I used a tripod. I took three bracketed shots, but I only processed the best exposure this time rather than doing an HDR merge.  I was also happy with the results of this photo. I thought it was a very competent first attempt at shooting at the blue hour. 

I posted both photos on flickr within a day of taking them. The second one was featured by flickr on their explore page. It got more then 2,000 views and was favorited by 69 people. I have had photos do better than that on flickr, and I think if the first shot had been featured it would have.