I Am a Amateur Photographer

I went to the park to take some photos on a beautiful autumn day. As I enter the park a large bird flew in front me. Thought it was an owl, but I followed it and found it perched in a tree. It was not an owl but a hawk, which was just as good for me. I have never photographed a bird of prey. I quickly took three photos and then tried to find a better vantage to shoot some more. That spooked the hawk, and it took off and was quickly out of sight. 

When I got home I saw that my shots were OK, but a small branch was just slightly blocking the view of the hawk's head. 

 A small hawk perches in Baker Park in Frederick, MD.

A small hawk perches in Baker Park in Frederick, MD.

Serious bird photographers know how to find birds and dedicate time to giving themselves many opportunities for taking great shots. I have stumbled on to a couple of circumstances to photograph interesting birds and I get one shot to get right. This was good, but not great. I also wish the background was less busy, which would allow the hawk to be more visible. 

Someday I will retire and I can devote serious time and effort on my photography.