Another Flickr Explore Photo

I got my first photo featured on Flickr's Explore page in late November. I got another in December, and I just got a third one yesterday. This was somewhat shocking, since I have been posting photos to Flickr since 2006. The first two photos were of our pet bunnies, which are quite cute do not represent what I am hoping to achieve with photography. The one that I took yesterday is a photo that represents what I have tried to do with my photography. 

 Little Falls Creek

Little Falls Creek

I was driving to an errand in Washington, DC, and I saw the snow covered rocks in the creek. I decided to stop on the way back and take some photos. I do not always take my camera with me, but I did yesterday, and I was glad that I did. 

This photo was produced in Photomatix Pro from three bracketed exposures (0, +/-1.7 EV). I used the tone compression algorithm in Photomatix with the values, -2.0, 8.0, 4.0, 0.0, 2.0, 0.0, 0.0. There were some traffic lights in the background of the photo, and I used Photoshop to remove them. You can see my parked car if you look carefully. 

I posted it to Flickr and added it to six groups. When I got this morning, I had dozens of notifications on my phone of people favoriting the photo. That is sure sign that my photo was featured in Explore. As of the writing of this post, I have 5971 views, 121 favorites, and 10 comments on the photo. You can see it on Flickr and check what the stats are now