Sunset Photo

I was late getting home due to a meeting in Rockville that ran late, and as I reached the scenic overview south of Frederick the sunset was looking quite impressive. I had my Canon SX230 point and shoot with me, so I got off the highway to take pictures. I took a few shots, but the sunset while colorful lack interesting detail. I took another photo while stopped at a light. The sky was more interesting, but the street lights and signs did not provide a visually interesting foreground. In the end I went down the road and shot this photo of the old farm on Butterfly Road. The sky colorful and has some interesting detail. The silhouette of the silo gives context about the location.


Normally I would take a shot like this with my Nikon D7000 shooting raw and bracketing the exposure, but it had gotten dark enough that the highlights were dim enough so that the SX230 could handle it. The foreground was pretty dim and when I got the photo into Lightroom, I adjusted the blacks to make the foreground even darker and take almost all of the detail out of the silo making it a silhouette.