First Drafts Action

I bought the Drafts app over a year ago based on reviews by Merlin Mann. It looked like my kind of app. It provides ways to automate many iPhone actions, but I have had trouble really getting into it. I used the Markdown to Evernote action to take some notes, but other that I was not really using it.

Today I wrote a custom Evernote action that lets me record my blood pressure. I simply type my blood pressure into Drafts and select the blood pressure action that I wrote. Drafts tags the blood pressure with the date and time and appends it the Blood Pressure note in my Medical notebook. I made several mistakes along the way. The template for a custom Evernote action uses the current time for the note title. I made several new notes with different titles before I figured out that I could title the note "Blood Pressure" and it would then always use the same file.

I did not like the default form of the timestamp. I found a post by Dr. Drang that explained how to format the time stamp. It took me about 20 minutes to sort everything out.  I really should have figured this out a long time ago. I just never seemed to finds the time. Next I will work on Launch Center Pro for more iOS automation.