My Cycling Season Begins

My bike club, the Frederick Pedalers,  held their annual club meeting today. Of course it was proceeded with a bike ride, and I participated. Despite the fact that I got out on my bike a handful of times over the winter. I consider this to be the start of my cycling season. I am hoping for a good start to the season. One year I strained my back lifting my bike out of the garage for the annual meeting ride. The start of my season was delayed by weeks. 

The weather warm enough with the temperature about 50 as we started the ride, but the wind was blowing strong from the west. Two rides were offered. A slower in town ride of about 18 miles and longer, faster ride that left town. I had not been on my bike since February 1, and I had come town with the flu on Valentine's Day. I was not sure how strong I would be, but I went for the longer and faster ride anyway. 

The ride went fine while were in the city, but once we got among the farms the wind started to hit us harder. I was struggling to maintain a speed of 10 mph. At about nine miles four of us decided to head back. We turned west and the wind was at our backs. We flew along like it was all downhill and thoroughly enjoyed the ride back. 

In the end, I did 19 miles at about 10.5 mph average. It is still early in the year, and I look forward to a season full of cycling and getting back into good shape.