My First Flickr Explore Photo

I have a Flickr Pro account, and I post photos to it regularly. I have had several photos that I thought were quite good, but I have never had a photo featured on the Flickr Explore page before today. 

I took another photo of the bunnies in the basket like I posted here a week ago. In this one you can see both bunnies, which I think does make a slightly better photo. I took this one with my iPhone 5 using flash. The photo showed very strong red eye issues, but I was able to correct that in Photoshop. 

I posted it to Flickr and put it in the Bunny Lovers Unite group, which my daughter Megan told me about. I did the same thing with last week's photo, but for some reason this week got selected for Explore. 

At the time of this writing the photo has been viewed over 4000 times and has been favorited 42 times. The criteria that Flickr uses for Explore is interestingness. They don't define it, and looking though Explore, I am not sure I can say what all of the photos have in common. This is far from the best photo that I have ever taken, and I would rate at least half of the photos in Explore as better than this one. There also many that I do not understand why they were selected. 

Update: By the end of the day I had over 7000 views and 76 favorites.