Higgs Boson to Fermion Decays Are Starting to Appear

For people who wondered why the LHC will continue to run after the discovery of the Higgs Boson, there is some new data. According to an article in the CERN Courier, they are starting to see the first evidence of Higgs decays to tau leptons. The signal is at the 4sigma level, not quite what physicists require for a discovery, but getting there. More running should determine if this result will be confirmed. It is important to measure the Higgs decay into as many different modes as possible, since the theory says that they rate of those decays is proportional to the mass of the final particles.  Some modes like the decay into muons will probably never be seen at the LHC due to the decay rate being so small, but if any of the larger decay rates turn out to disagree with the SM prediction it means the Higgs that we have seen is more complicated that we thought.