My Year of Cycling 2013

I finished 2013 with 1005.7 miles of cycling under my belt. I checked my logs, and I started keeping track of my milage in 2004. I have ridden 13,794 miles in that time, so a thousand in one year is a little below my average, but it is a big step above my totals for 2012 and 2011, 478 and 367 respectively. I rode 53 times and averaged 19 miles per ride.

I didn't take my first ride of the year until March 30th, so I got a late start.  I rode fairly steadily through the end of October when I had accummulated 925 miles. I did not ride again until December 21 and then I rode four times between Christmas and New Year's Day, which put me over the 1000 mile mark. 

I rode my new bike a Salsa Casseroll that I got last summer 47 times, my old Trek 1000c four times while the Salsa was in the shop for a tune-up, my old Diamondback Outlook hybrid once and a Minneapolis ride share bike once.