My Experience with and Spotify

As a physicist, I am always happier when I can measure things. Last year I signed up for and I have been tracking what music I listen to ever since. That same period have also been a time when I have used Spotify to discover new music, or least new to me, and rediscovering music that I love before that I hadn't made it from vinyl to CD. Here are the my top 24 artists for the last 10 months. 

I just discovered The New Pornograpers a bad that formed in 1997. Well I was busy. I bought hte first album from fun. and I have played it quite a bit. The Hold Steady and O.A.R are also recent discoveries for me, while Steely Dan and Grahamn Parker are olf favorites that I have not listened to much since the 80.s There is one disconerting fact. In my top 24 artists, there is only one woman, Linda Ronstadt.