New Computer but Same Old Operating System

I have been thinking about getting a new computer for awhile. I find the processing that I do with my photos is getting slow. I am doing a lot of HDR work lately and that is cpu intensive. I have been browsing on line trying to decide what would be a good choice and most of the computer that I see come with Windows 8. Today I saw this review of Windows 8. It was damning. It is a 23 minutes video review. The reviewer goes into enough details that I realy understood how screwed up it was.

I went to the Microcenter in Rockville, MD. I played with a Windows 8 system. I went into the desktop and looked for the start bottom. There was none. I had to go back out to Metro UI to start desktop programs. The old windows 7 is not hiding behind metro. You have to use the Metro UI. I managed to find a Core-i7 system by Gateway with Windows 7, so I bought it.