Photography in 2012

In 2012, I started to take my photography more seriously. I had bought a new camera in 2011 and in 2012 I got Adobe Lightroom. These two actions have really spurred me into taking more photos. I hope that I am also taking better photos.

I have taken 4201 photos this year that I have downloaded in Adobe Lightroom. There are probably some from my phone that I missed. The total is inflated by the fact that I frequently take 3 bracketed exposures that I can process later. I rated 475 as 1 star or higher; 77 with 2 stars, 26 with 3 stars, and 4 with 4 stars. I did nott give any of my photos 5 stars.

I attempted to take a photo a day during 2012. This is a challenge that many people who posted to take. In 2012 I managed to take photos worth keeping on 212 of 366 days. As an exercise to push me to learn more about photography, it worked.I took this when I visited Elba in May for a conference.  This is a very clean composition for me.

I will attempt to continue to improve my photography in 2013. This will include trying the photo a day exercise again. I want to do a better job at photographing people.