An Evening in the Digital Darkroom

I did not get out to shoot today. but I did spend some time in Lightroom and HDR Efex Pro working on images from yesterday. 

I took and posted this photo on flickr yesterday. 

One of my flickr contacts suggested that it would look good in black & white. I have tried various black & white photos, but I haven't really gotten them to look like I want them to. I tried again tonight. In this case I ended up recropping the photo to eliminate the trees in the background and bring in the trees in the foreground. I felt that the background trees had no details without color. I tried to emphasize the ripples on the lake. 

I then worked with HDR Efex Pro on some sunset shots. This one used the clean method at 50% in HDR Efex Pro. I felt it was reasonably natural looking but brought details in the trees.