Life Is Rough without Good Internet Connectivity

I am attending a conference on particle detectors. The location of the conference is the Island of Elba, where Napolean was exiled. The conference venue is a nice resort hotel. Wifi is provided in the rooms by the hotel and in the conference room by the organizers. 

I have had trouble switching back and forth between the two systems. The hotel has a system that requires a login each time I join the network. The conference system required a login the first time, but it seems to remember me, but it sometimes does not seem to recognize that I am on the network. I have tried resarting my browser, restarting my wifi card, and at the most extreme rebooting. 

Performance on both networks has been less than spectacular. It has been painful to upload photos to flickr or download podcasts. Interactive sites have timed out on me at times. It feels like dial-up. I am not surprised that a resort hotel does not provide the fastest internet service, but high energy physicists are close to programmers in their need for constant internet access.