Take What You Get or Try Harder

I am trying to do the photo a day challenge that is so popular on Flickr. I am doing it to improve my photography. Today, I took a picture of my wife’s Valentine roses. They have opened up a bit since Tuesday, so it seemed worthwhile to photograph them again.

I placed them on the dining room table, and I took some shots with my 50mm f1.8. They were lit only by the dining room light and the program mode on the camera chose large apertures. I thought parts of the photo looked in focus, but I was not satisfied. I suspected that I did not have enough depth of field.

I had two choices. I could get my tripod or add more light. I got my tripod. I took shots from f7.1 to f2.0 in aperture priority mode. At f7.1 shown below the small white flowers still show detail.

I knew about depth of field for years. What I really learned today, is that you can take what you get or you can get serious and work to get what you want.