One Month Down

I successfully got through the first month of the Flickr photo a day resolution. I took at least one photo for every day in January and posted them on Flickr. I used our pet rabbits as subjects for six of them. I would have posted seven or eight others to Flickr, if I wasn’t doing photo-a-day. Seven of the photos were taken with my iPhone, four were taken with my Canon A590IS, and the rest with my DSLR.

The big thing I have learned so far is a better understanding of my fairly new camera. I have worked on aperture priority mode. I adjusted the default hand held speed in program mode from 1/30 sec to 1/50 sec.

I have been struggling for subjects. After a long day at work, I just have time snap a few shots around the house. The photo below is of our kitchen cabinets. I used the noise reduction in Lightroom for the first time on this photo. It was shot at ISO 1800 with visible noise, but it cleaned up quite nicely.