What a Difference a Few Minutes Make

Yesterday’s photo of the day of a sunset was not as good as I had hoped for. I came out of work just before the sunset and I thought the red and blue and the black tree silhouettes would look good, but it was pretty dark especially for my Canon A590IS point and shoot.


Well, today I came out of the work about 10 minutes earlier, and I tried again with the same camera. I think the results are better.


There is more red in the sky in this photo, and the shutter speed was higher due to more light. If you look at the trees in this photo you can see fine detail in the branches, which was blurred last night.

Serious photographers talk about waiting for the light to be just right. Well for these daily shots I don’t often have time to wait for the light, so I will keep trying and see if I can find the right light one day.