Working on Picture a Day

It was raining this morning, so I put on my rain coat. I discovered that my Canon A590IS point and shoot was in my pocket, so I had another choice for a camera for my photo of the day. As soon as I got out of the house I saw the raindrops hanging off the Japanese maple in our yard. I took this photo of it.


I think this might have been a nice photo, if I had taken it with my DSLR and set the aperture wide open to blur the background. As it stands now, it is lesson learned.

When I left the office, the sun was had almost set and it was getting fairly dark. I took the photo below with the Canon A590IS. It only has a maximum ISO of 200, so my DSLR has much better low light performance, but for this shot it may not have made much difference. I am pretty happy with the trees just being silhouettes.


I decided to pick the sunset as my photo of the day, but I may take my DSLR to work tomorrow to see what opportunities present themselves.