Testing Windows Live Writer

Paul Thurrott recommended Windows Live Write recently for blog editing, so of course I had to test. I have used ScribeFire for Firefox, Flock's built in blog editor, MarsEdit on the Mac, as well as wordpress.com web-based editor. I am obviously not completely happy with any of my choices since I keep trying new ones.

I am writing this post using Windows Live Writer and it seems fine.  It seems to have all of the features that I would expect. Sometimes I discover problems after the post goes up, and it does not look like I expected.

Live Writer is supposed to work with a variety of blogging platforms. Setting it up to work on my wordpress.com blog was straight forward. I supplied the URL of my blog, my username and password. After a few moments, I was ready to go.

I work mostly on my Macbook Pro so I have to run Live Writer in Parallels, so I see a little bit of a performance issue, but it is not major.