I Will Never Understand Washington DC Traffic

I commute from Frederick, Maryland to Germantown, Maryland along I-270. The traffic varies from a non-issue to a complete nightmare. This week I have been bracing for the worst. When school ends traffic always seems to get worse, but I do not understand why, since I never see school buses on I-270. This Monday I got on I-270 where it starts in Frederick as merger of US-15 and a ramp from I-70.  This is a bottleneck on most mornings as four lanes of traffic merge down to two, but this Monday it was smooth sailing. I drove easily to the exit just before Germantown, exit 16, where traffic came to a standstill. I got off there and discovered a new problem. I needed to make a left turn at the first light after I exited, but there was so much traffic that I could not get across the three lanes to the left turn lane. I ended up going to the next light and turning right on a side street where I could make a U-turn.

There is nothing more frustrating that making good time on the commute and then hit traffic just a mile away from my destination. I get excited about the possibility of getting in early and having a relaxing start to the day and then just when it seems likely I am back in a frenzied rat race.

On Tuesday it was the same thing except traffic came to a standstill a mile from the exit I took on Monday. I had the same problem with the left turn. On Wednesday the backup was farther from my exit but not quite as severe. I was able to make the left turn.