Yahoo Mail Goes to 100 MB

When Yahoo Mail decided to increase their storage to 100 MB, I decided it was worth another look.  I have had a Yahoo email address for quite awhile, but I have rarely used it. There was not enough storage space, and I found the interface clunky. Also over dial up, it was much slower to use than simply downloading my messages from a pop server. Two of my daughters have yahoo accounts. One has found spam to be a big problem and has given up on it.  

With the new 100 MB I decided to try it again. I now have broadband, so the fact that the web interface is slower than downloading messages is less important.  You can download external pop email for free, but you cannot send email with an external address unless you pay for it.  I can use Yahoo mail to check my personal mail at work where I cannot get through
the firewall to access the pop server. Spam has not been a big problem with my yahoo email, but I have turned on the spam protection so I will see how well it works.

Yahoo will still be my secondary email account, but I think I will be using it more often.  Also there is  yahoopops to download the messages to my Linux box if I want. I am still looking forward to trying gmail, but I am not sure that the 1 gigabyte will be the key feature. I think it will be usability that will be the big deciding factor.